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Amityville Horror 2 Possession is the prequel to the Amityville Horror movie , it was actually made years after the first one. It gives a paranormal theory into what may have happened to bring about the Defeo murders, which turned into one of the most highly publicized murder cases in history.

There are a lot of unanswered questions that lead to all the speculation and settles, for some, on one of perhaps a demonic nature.

True Facts

What some people find disturbing, as well as confusing, is exactly how the son managed to go from person to person, and shoot each one, while they were still in their beds. It was determined that they weren't drugged. But why didn't they wake up, and in that case, try to get away?

Officials investigated the suspicion that the son did not commit the crime alone. If there was more than one person committing the crime, that could account for either the bodies being placed back in bed, or the family being forced to stay in bed, and the bodies posed afterward. It was reported that some gunpowder residue was found on the older sister, which may prove that she fired a weapon and perhaps worked with her brother.

Another confounding and true fact, is that no neighbours reported hearing any shots. It was determined the house wasn't enough of an insulator to suppress the sound of repeated shots from a .35 Marlin Rifle, and should have been heard for about a mile. No silencer was used. Neighbours heard nothing, yet they did report hearing the dog bark.

During the trial the son did say that he heard voices telling him what to do though that could always just be a meagre attempt to get off on a plea of insanity.

Amityville Horror Possession the movie

All of that and more, fuels the premise of Amityville Horror 2, that there was something evil in the house that worked it's malevolence on the entire family triggering the stream of events. It finally finds a target in the son, possessing him, and that is the reason for the horrific crimes that take place.

Not knowing what really happened, and the never ending curiosity to find out, (plus there was so much publicity that a movie just had to be made) has made the Amityville Horror a source of seemingly endless books and movies. Even with all that has been written about it, we may never truly know what happened, and Ronald the oldest son, convicted of the crime, continues to change his story again and again, which certainly doesn't help.

Amityville Horror 2 is another speculation on what possibly happened that night and what may have brought it all about. This version of the story includes lots of blood, gore and demons, with the son's possession being at the height of it all.

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