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Causes of Sleep Paralysis

The causes of sleep paralysis can vary from one person to another as does the severity of the episodes.

There are also two basic times when occurrences may strike upon waking you may have hypnopompic hallucinations and when you are falling asleep - hypnagogic hallucinations can occur.

Both types have the same causes and the same treatments are used.

Generally the causes of sleep paralysis are lack of sleep. This is likely the number one cause. Tension, stress, irregular hours or allowing yourself to become overtired all contribute, though at times the dreams that are experienced can be affected by how stressed you are.

While a few of those sound like the same thing they do vary a bit.

The average person needs about 8 hours of uninterrupted slumber - very few actually get it. If you wake up in the middle of the night, once or several times, you probably aren't getting the rest you need. Often you can make up for that by napping during the day or sleeping in a bit longer in the morning if that's an option. But the best is to get those 8 hours of shut eye in one straight shot if you can.

Tension and stress can interrupt rest or may keep you from entering deep, restful REM. Obviously the solution is to ease the tension and stress in your life. Today that may be easier said than done. Sometimes doing something quiet and relaxing before bedtime can help to calm your nerves and give you a restful night.

Exercise can help, though not just before turning in. Contrary to popular belief, exercising to the point of fatigue just before bedtime will have the opposite effect and get you wired instead of putting you into a relaxing healthy slumber. Even if you fall asleep right after, it usually isn't the restful kind you need. If you are wearing yourself out before bed that may be one of the major causes of occurances for you.

Another problem is keeping irregular hours. If you work nights it's best to keep to that schedule even on your days off. Switching back and forth between day and night makes it very difficult for your body to adjust and wears you out. The same goes for staying up super late on weekends, while some people can adjust, many can't. If you are having problems sleeping it's best to stay on the same schedule all the time.

There can be more causes of sleep paralysis but for the average person it boils down to not enough good sleeping time and extended periods of stress. Both serve to wear you down both mentally and physically.

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