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Burning White Sage Sage Cleansing
More Commonly Called Smudging

Burning white sage, or smudging, as it is most often referred to, is thought of as a Native American or Shamanic ceremony but it has been in use in many other cultures for centuries. In all cultures it is considered sacred and should always be used with reverence.

What is Sage Cleansing - Smudging?

Very basically it consists of lighting certain dried herbs, blowing any flames out and wafting the smoke either through a place, or over objects. This expels negative energies, or effects a cleansing which is its most popular use. If you take the ritual one step further though, you can attract positive energy, which can be very rewarding.

It is always done with respect and a clear Intention in mind, but it doesn't have to be an intricate or complicated ritual. You can stick to the basics and have a successful outcome.

More smudging herbs are an essential part of your cleansing ritual

Burning white sage in particular is always thought of as the main ceremony, and the most widely suggested, yet there are other herbs that you should include in any of your rituals. Omitting these is doing a great disservice to yourself as they each have a vital element to add to your ceremonies.

What Can, Or Should You Smudge?

You can smudge any article or place, people, including yourself, and pets, in other words anything. Everything can benefit from the ceremony. It is customary to request if an entity, living or not, will allow a smudging. If they decline in any way you should stop immediately. To try to do a smudge against someone's, or something's, wishes is contrary to what you are trying to accomplish as it would then be filled with negative energy and may even promote more negativity. Always ask first and respect their wishes.


What is most important to remember is the Intention you have for the outcome of the ceremony. Have this firmly in your mind at the time the smudge is done. It is this Intention that will direct the herbs in the purpose you wish to accomplish whether you burn them or use them in another way, or if you use another method altogether.

Other Methods

We are quickly learning that burning white sage is not the only way to cleanse or energize an area, there are other methods that may be safer to use for those people who can not tolerate smoke.

Using these methods ensures that anyone can use the cleansing ceremonies and benefit from them.

You may smudge as often as you feel the practice is necessary, or when it makes you feel that it is beneficial.

Everything is affected by its surroundings. We pick up emotions from anything and everything we come into contact with. We also spread emotions everywhere we go, so we may as well spread positive energy whenever we can.

Burning white sage and other smudging herbs will benefit your surroundings and those around you, as well as yourself.

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