Cold Spots Associated With Paranormal Activity

What Are Cold Spots?

Cold spots, when referred to in connection with paranormal activity are not the drafty currents you feel in old houses, or even new houses for that matter. They are a sudden drop in temperature and only take up a specific area. While the rest of a room, or even outside, will stay the same temperature one space will have a noticeably colder feel to it.

They are usually detected inside a structure for the main reason that a drop in temperature outside can be due to so many natural causes that it's almost impossible to tell when a cold spot is real paranormal activity. But if a drop in temperature, caused by a ghost, can happen inside, it can certainly happen outside too.

Are cold spots a definite sign of paranormal activity, specifically the presence of ghosts?

Cold spots are believed to be an indication of a presence and are most often thought of as being associated with the presence of ghosts. Yet not everyone who has had an experience with ghosts mentions cold spots. Even more telling, there have been groups of people and only one or two have felt a temperature difference while others in the group have felt no temperature change at all, while there was suspected activity going on.

Projecting cold spots may be a way the entities have found to connect with certain individuals.

There is the consideration that cold spots, or any evident paranormal activity, is related to the sensitivity of each individual person. Just like some people can see and hear full apparitions there are those who can only hear them in their minds, right down to the many who are not able to sense a presence at any level.

Perhaps someone can't see a presence or hear one, yet they are tuned in enough to physically feel them. Could these entities know what level we humans can detect them at and use whatever method works best?

This opens up a whole new area. What exactly does it mean if an entity can tell what level we can sense them on? It's a little bit more than scary to think they have that level of perception. Makes you wonder exactly who's hunting who?

We have a third consideration concerning cold spots is it a ghost or another entity, or something else entirely?

When we're busy searching for ghosts we just assume any unexplainable noise or visitation is a ghost as we recognize it the presence of someone who once was living. But is this a sound theory?

There are a great many instances of visitations by ghosts where the people recognized the entity as someone they knew most of these were not accompanied by cold spots.

In many, not all, instances when cold spots were evident the individuals could not recognize the presence as someone they knew, most often they couldn't even recognize them as ghosts only that there was a presence or some sort of unusual activity. So we have to consider that cold spots may be related to something other than ghosts.

You don't have to feel cold spots in order to experience paranormal activity and if you do, take careful consideration on what kind of activity you are experiencing.

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