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Do Water Sprites Exist?

by Ilse Turnbull
(Searching For Ghosts)

Water sprites can inhabit any body of water and are said to be mischievous creatures with magical powers. There is some controversy over whether water sprites are benevolent or malevolent.

Some believe water sprites are a different entity totally removed from water spirits, who are generally known to care or protect the area they live in. These people contend that water sprites are evil and like to lure the unsuspecting to the edge where they pull them in and drown them.

So what is the truth about water sprites?

I have to admit I've never met any water sprites or had any experiences with them until...

I spent the day with friends enjoying the outdoors and indulging in my hobby, taking photographs. The pond in the picture is my sister's pet project. She set every single rock and planted all the plants, then stocked it with fish. When she goes to the pond's edge and makes a certain noise, the fish come to the top for a visit.

This is a very tranquil setting. My sister planned it to be a place for relaxation and contemplation. There are special spots for simply sitting and enjoying the day. When you first see the pond that is the feeling you get, this is a nice spot to sit quietly. You are actually drawn in that direction and a feeling of tranquility seems to wash over you.

I took the pictures with nothing else in mind except trying to get a nice clear keepsake of a beautiful spot.

It was when I was looking over the photos on my computer and was deciding which sections to crop that I noticed an image at the bottom. Here is the original photo:

Original Photo

When I magnified it, the image of a little man's face became quite clear. I was surprised to think I'd captured a photo of a water sprite. The little guy is obviously male and looks rather old. He also seems to be smiling which gives me the impression water sprites can be quite friendly which would be in standing with the overall feeling you get when you are around the pond, and nothing bad has ever happened in this area.

Water Sprite

I asked myself if my water sprite could be a product of shadows mixing with the rocks, and I imagine it may well be, but it just looks too much like a little man to be a trick of light and dark.

My sister was equally surprised and had to analyze the photo herself, "Wow, it really looks like I have a little, old man living in my pond".

I'm pretty convinced this is a water sprite and he's friendly and helps take care of all the little creatures living in the pond. What I'm certain of is...

I took the picture and haven't altered it in any way - I used a digital camera on the auto setting.

It isn't a reflection as my sister and I were the only two people there at the time I took it.

It may be a trick of light mixing with the shadows and the rocks, though when I zoomed to 400%, it doesn't seem to loose any distinction.

I'm going with my theory that it's a water sprite.

Comments for
Do Water Sprites Exist?

Grumpy Old Man
by: Sue

LOVE the water sprite story and picture. Although, I have to confess I think of water sprites as water babies and didn't expect to see the face of such an grumpy old man! (Well, kind of!)

by: fletcher

Powers don't exist

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