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Nothing Beats Good Ghost Movies.

And When They're Based on a True Story, They're Even Better

Everybody loves ghost movies, I know I do. Actually when it comes right down to it paranormal and ghostly films are just about my favorites.

There are a few ghost movies that are 'based on true events' - not nearly enough to keep us happy though, which is probably why we get so excited when a new one comes out.

Now, even though these are based on true events, it sometimes happens that facts comes to light that state the story isn't quite that close to the truth. Some folks get pretty upset over that - the rest of us just take it in stride.

For me, if it has a good story line I enjoy it whether it holds to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or if it wavers ever so slightly. Most of the time if they stick 'based on a true story' on the label - some part of it was indeed true - and I find that extremely enticing.

Remember, even legends had to start somewhere and it was usually with a spark of truth. So ghost movies might have bits added, still, some parts are true.

So get a couple of friends together, pop some popcorn, turn off all the lights, yes, even that nightlight in the corner, and watch a ghost movie, or several ghost movies, late into the night.

Ghost Movies Based on true events: or at least claim to be true and probably are, at least promises though.
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