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Are They What They Seem to Be?

Visually a ghost orb isn't difficult to describe it's a ball of light. It usually moves, sometimes in an erratic pattern and sometimes very quickly. In most instances spirit orbs are described as being white though a few people have reported orbs that were colored.

One explanation for these balls of light is that it's a spirit which does not have the power to manifest completely. They define themselves instead as tiny spheres of energy.

There is an ongoing debate in the paranormal community over what an orb actually is or isn't. There are those who believe completely that they are people who have passed on and provide their research to backup the claims. There are others who believe this may not be the case at all, that they are something entirely different. And, of course, there are those who are a bit skeptic that orbs exist in any form relating to the paranormal.

So are ghost orbs real?

Most spirit orbs are seen in photos, after a film is developed, rarely are there any reports of orbs being seen by the naked eye. This is a strong indication for some that they do not actually exist, but are only airborne particles which the fine lens of a camera picks up and magnifies.

Cameras do pick up and define dust, pollen, moisture and a host of other impurities in the air. This happens more often than most people would like to admit. That is why still photos are the most suspect as being false.

It's a bit harder to be tricked by video, but it still happens. Because video can capture motion any light anomaly that becomes visible in video has the bonus of motion which can be analyzed. It's a lot easier to verify or dispel an orb if it can be connected with a movement.

With all that in mind whenever you're doing any field research take the time to note the weather, the wind, the surrounding elements you are in. Actually write these down for later reference. Later, if anything shows up in your photos you can refer back to your notes and identify if what is showing up is indeed an entity or simply a result of the environment.

Ghost orbs are described as little balls of energy which manifest themselves as balls of light, but can we say with absolute certainty that they are ghosts? What if these little spheres are something else altogether? It may be something to keep an open mind about.

You may very well have experienced what everyone calls a ghost orb. Is it indeed a less powerful soul that cannot fully manifest? Or, is it an entity unto itself? Those are the questions we find ourselves searching for answers to.

There are a lot of accounts of people seeing and interacting with apparitions. The same can't be said for these little balls of light. While there seem to be more than just a few photos of spirit orbs there are few accounts of people seeing one with their naked eye.

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