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Indian Spirits

Sometimes you can disturb spirits. Indian spirits begin to visit this family after their remains had been accidentally disturbed.

My wife and I moved into this 1970s home. My neighbor who lives just past the wood line grew up here and said that the lane that my house is on had never been farmed.

One day I was digging post holes and dug up some bones that looked human but they were very old. I've been a police officer in Charlotte NC for 23 years so I've seen dead bodies and human bones. My neighbor finds Indian arrow heads on his property but I haven't on mine. Thinking that there might be an Indian burial ground on my property, I put the bones back.

After that my wife and I have had strange things happen at the house like the stove will turn back on after being turned off as well as the TV. Not only does the TV turn back up but it's on a different channel, go figure. My wife once saw a bluish light floating around in the kitchen and at first thought it was her eyes until our cats tried to play with it. I never saw it.

I was in the bathroom shaving in front of the mirror. You can look at the mirror and see into the bedroom which would be behind you. As I was shaving, I saw what I thought was my wife walk past the bed towards the closet. I said something to her but got no reply so I turned around and went into the bedroom. No one was there. I went into the living room looking for her and she came out of the kitchen and had on a dark blue sweat shirt.

Nothing bad has happened here other than TV's going out and clocks stopping when you place them on the rock wall near the fire place.


Indian spirits, and others too, don't have to be feared. Mike has treated them with respect and it would seem they treat him and his family the same way.

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