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Is My House Haunted?

Is my house haunted by my grandma? My grandma died and two nights later I had a dream about her, but when I woke up I saw her in my room and then she faded away very fast. Then I knew she was there and it wasn't a dream. Is my house haunted now?


My Answer:

When we lose someone we love it can be hard to come to terms with our loss. Dreaming can be a way for us to come to terms with things we find difficult to deal with while we are awake.

The time between being asleep and coming fully awake can also be a very tricky. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if we are really asleep and dreaming or if we are awake. We can feel like we are awake but still be actively dreaming.

While we are asleep we can also be receptive to things we would normally shut out or not acknowledge.

While I can't say for certain that you dreamt the visit from your grandmother, there is a good chance that you may have. Your grandma might have sent you the dream in that case she wouldn't have actually been in the room with you.

There is also the chance that your grandmother came to visit you as a ghost and was able to communicate with you while you were asleep.

The important thing to understand is that a visit like this one is not a haunting. It's just a visit. She came to make sure you were alright and to let you know she is fine, probably hoping to bring you some comfort. If you are uncomfortable with her visits, she likely won't come back again.

In answer to your question Is my house haunted? No, it's not.

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