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Paranormal events encompass a great deal and you might not always recognize what exactly you are dealing with.

Sometimes what you believe may be a ghost experience may turn out to be something entirely different. Just because you may not be expecting something other than an apparition, doesn't mean you won't find it, or that it won't find you.

People Can Trigger Paranormal Events

When you deal with hauntings you have to remember that you aren't just dealing with ghosts. You're dealing with the people involved with the episode, and sometimes that's yourself.

People themselves can be catalysts for triggering paranormal events, sometimes on purpose, such as trying to communicate with the dead when you aren't fully aware of all that's involved, such as staging a seance. Or perhaps dipping into black magic thinking it's just a game.

Other times it can be totally by coincidence or through your subconscious. People can have some psychic abilities and not be aware of them as is sometimes the case with telekinesis and poltergeist activity.

In the instance of poltergeist activity, you can sometimes trace some of these paranormal events to telekinesis, which is in fact, a product of the person who believes they are being haunted and often not a ghost at all.

The same applies for demons. You may assume demons and such all have their rightful place, which isn't, we all hope, occupying the same space we are. But things don't always stay in their rightful spots, or perhaps their rightful spots aren't the same ones you think they are.

At times, paranormal events are the natural order of things, we just don't realize or acknowledge that they are.

There are some things that just are. They exist in this world whether we recognize them or not. Some spirits are the natural environment of our world, some religions are based on this principle. Some things we take in stride even taking them for granted, like intuition, instinct, the healing power of certain gems. Other things we call paranormal events because we feel they are extraordinary even unbelievable when in fact they may be natural and have been in our world since the very beginning of time.

It's just a matter of what is here with us, what we are willing to accept, and what we manage to get a glimpse of.

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