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Real Haunted Places

Real haunted places are the ones that experience true hauntings, and they are open to the public. They usually have recurring experiences and report more than a few ghost sightings by different people. It seems like the ghosts have moved in and don't plan on moving out any time soon.

That's what makes these locations so special, you pretty much know the ghosts are there, it's just a matter of connecting with them.

Some of those will be residual hauntings. Though these aren't usually interactive you might actually have more of a chance to experience something since the paranormal phenomena continually repeats itself. A lot of times these episodes have been carefully recorded and you can visit around the exact time it should be happening. It's almost like a haunting on demand.

Often though, you will be able to get a glimpse of an active haunt. If a spot is truly inhabited by ghosts they are attached to it for some reason and keep coming back. These are especially exciting since you might have a chance to interact with a ghost or entity.

Both types of real haunted places have the potential for capturing something, either on a photo or as an evp. Even if you don't happen to get anything it's still an exciting and fun experience.

There are a lot of locations that advertise elaborate ghost tours and some that just have open houses that the public can attend. It's great to take advantage of these if you ever get the chance. Most often the atmosphere of these areas is electric and just being in them is an experience in itself.

Most of the real haunted places have guides that just love to tell some great ghost stories. The ones that are the best are the ones that tell about some of the experiences they've had themselves. They really draw you in and include a fair amount of history about the establishment itself. If you're anything like me you love to hear the back-story of a haunting. Some guides actually become renowned for how they tell these stories and become quite sought after.

If you can manage to attend a tour closer to the off season, or even better book a session just for yourself and a few close enthusiasts, I highly recommend doing it. Although the fun of being with a crowd of people that share your enthusiasm for the paranormal shouldn't be missed, I also find a tour with less people can be a lot more involved and much more intense as far as sensing apparitions or anything paranormal. If you can, try both and see the difference for yourself.

Most tours will allow cameras, which include video, and recorders. They're not likely to allow you to set up any equipment for a formal investigation though. For one of these sessions you would have to ask for special permission, but it's surprising how many will allow you to do so provided you can prove you are serious.

Visiting real haunted places is a great experience, just remember to enjoy it. It really isn't all about capturing that elusive great photo or evp that will make you famous, it's about experiencing something special for yourself.

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