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Scary Ghost Stories

We've gathered a bunch of very short, scary ghost stories for your enjoyment. Each of these is true.

Is it possible for a ghost to use a cell phone?

Me and my friends were at Vale End Cemetery in Wilton NH and while there my friend's phone screen went white and eventually shut off.

During this time another friend that was with us received a text from his phone saying "I told you to leave, get out". His phone did not turn back on until we had left the graveyard.


While it could have been someone playing a trick, in which case you should be able to tell who it was from, ghosts have been known to use telephones and now, cell phones to contact people.

In our high tech world it seems to be the easiest way to get our attention

Ilse Turnbull

This next of our scary ghost stories, seems to be more frightening for the ghost

Did I Scare a Ghost?

Church had just ended and we were walking out to our van. I was pregnant with our third child at the time. We were about 15 feet from our van and I saw a woman plain as I see any living person and was confused thinking it was not our van.

She was looking forward at the church and I was looking at her. She slowly turned her head towards me and looked startled and crouched like any person would to walk to the back of the van.

Do you think I scared her because I was able to see her and why would I scare a ghost?


You actually can startle them sometimes, sounds funny to us since we think we are the ones that are supposed to get scared.

Some ghosts may think that they move among the living and no one ever notices them, and mostly that's true. There are those times though when the living can see them. It does seem to surprise some of them when it happens.

Ilse Turnbull

A Third of our Scary Ghost Stories

Two Hauntings

My family and I stay in a house in Newport, Rhode Island every summer. It is quite old as it has a hitching post for horses out front. There are two unexplainable events that happen on a regular occasion. First of all, those who babysit at this house swear to hear foot steps in the room above them once those being babysat are asleep. Checking the children reveals them all to be asleep and no one to be in this room. This has been reported once or twice a summer for ten years now.

The other occurrence is that one will answer a ringing phone and sometimes hear nothing, no dial tone or anything. Those who have made the call hear a monotone female voice say "hello" and then after a certain amount of time say "goodbye" and hang up. Many of my relatives yell at this voice while others try to reason with it and still others just hang up. This has been going on for three years, and this year it has been quite a bit more often, almost daily. I have experienced each of these first hand.


Most ghosts want something – often it's to get a message across. It looks like there is more than one ghost in this house.

The phone call may be a residual haunting. It's very similar to a movie being replayed over and over. Often these ghosts aren't actually taking part in the activity, it's just a moment being replayed on the atmosphere so to speak. That might be why you don't get any interaction while the call is going through – the ghost may not actually be there.

It's fairly clear that the woman received a phone call– it must have been very significant to leave an impression on the house.


This sounds like the ghosts are checking up on the kids themselves, and is an active haunting , or happening right now. It may be the same ghost as the one for the phone call, perhaps she likes to take care of folks, especially little children.


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