What Are Shadow People?
Shadow Ghosts and Creatures?
Why Are They Here?

Shadow People sightings come from all over the world and can be traced back as far as time itself.

There is not much that is known about them. Some folks haven't decided what exactly they may be, or what their reasons are for being here among us.

What do shadow people look like?

Shadow People are usually glimpsed off to the side, in your peripheral vision. They are most often black. There have been instances when people have told stories where these shadows have leaned over them or stepped in front of them, even at times engaging them. Most of the time though, it seems they aren't interested in interacting with us - which leaves you wondering exactly what their true purpose might be?

They can range in size from quite small to the size of a large man, with no discernable facial features. Some have been reported as being cloaked or wearing a long coat and hat, others have described them as not wearing clothing at all, but were simply black and didn't have a human shape, these are generally referred to as shadow creatures.

Most people agree they carry a malevolent atmosphere with them. They recall having a feeling of being uncomfortable when they see them. "It's like your instincts are triggered and you just know this thing isn't supposed to be here."

Some folks have even reported that their moods can take an abrupt change when one of these is present. Usually the mood change is described as being from agitated or uncomfortable to near uncontrollable anger. Is it possible these entities can influence us on an emotional level and could they be doing this purposely?

Do we know what Shadow People are?

Very few people who have had an experience with Shadow People believe they are ghosts. They seem to behave differently than ghosts do. Most often they hang in the background or at the 'edges', but you don't get the feeling that they behave this way because they're shy or are trying not to be an influence or interfere. It's almost as if they don't want us to notice them. They're obviously here for a reason, but what it may be is still a mystery.

Are the smaller shadow creatures perhaps linked to demons?

They carry a definite 'darkness' about them which is more than just their color. This leads some to believe they may be 'of demons', not necessarily demons themselves but beings associated with demons. Perhaps minions or some entity associated with the lower realm.

Before you entirely dispel the idea of imps or demons keep in mind there are some churches that still teach their priests how to perform exorcisms. It's not something they broadcast but it is still practiced.

Other theories of what Shadow People may be.

There are other theories as well and even though this is a ghost site we can wander a wee bit. Some people theorize Shadow People are visitors from the future. Others think they might be aliens. And some that they are entities from another dimension altogether.

If you believe ghosts can travel from their realm back into ours and sometimes communicate with us is it too outlandish to believe that some of these other theories may be valid, or is that thought simply too scary to entertain?

When people recall seeing or interacting with ghosts usually they connect it with a deceased person. With Shadow People, the impression is different, the usual is that they aren't connected with people at all, that they are something 'other'. That is the feeling people get, what their instincts tell them.

For the most part we humans are inclined to believe there is good in all things and if we cause no harm than others will respond in kind, even when we know this often isn't the case. Could this be one of those times when our trusting natures and unwavering curiosity gets the better of us?

Is it possible that Shadow People are indeed malevolent beings, of whatever kind. Can their purpose in interacting with us be one they don't wish to disclose?

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