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Spirit Orbs

Spirit orbs are tiny balls of bright energy. Most often they are described as having a white color though there have been sightings of different colors as well. It's not known exactly what type of beings they actually are, though it would seem from the stories being told about them that they are benevolent.

Spirit Orb Photo

Many of these are thought to have been captured in photographs, though not all of them are true captures of these light entities. Cameras can pick up the minutest particle and reflect it back as an image. After the film is developed these 'spots' can be quite clear and many folks mistake them for something paranormal.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between an atmospheric anomaly and the true paranormal phenomena. Spirit orbs are thought to have more substance than the usual photographic flaw.

Visual sightings may be more reliable, though, like ghost apparitions, not everyone can see them. From accounts people have given, spirit orbs make a point of being seen whenever they have a purpose. They don't seem to appear as a haunting, their appearances seem to be directly connected with a task. Once they have made an initial contact, or accomplished what they started out to do, they disappear.

Because of their bright light, some people believe they are angels. Angel enthusiasts might scoff at this, as angels are considered a much higher being and posses a corporeal body. Could they present themselves to us as mere lights? Perhaps, though there is little or no evidence that this is the case. People who have seen their guardian angels have been quite sure of what they have seen and it was most often a full bodied representation and not a ball of light. This doesn't rule out the possibility that spirit orbs are working in conjunction with angels though.

That still leaves us wondering about this tiny entity and we may have to be content with calling them spirit orbs and knowing that their intentions are to cause us no harm and maybe to bring about some good.

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