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The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut and A Haunting in Connecticut are in fact two different movies, both based on a true story. A Haunting in Connecticut is the documentary and is based on the story as it is told and whatever facts the Discovery people could dig up.

The Haunting in Connecticut is the entertainment version and although it too brags that it is based on the true story of what really happened, literary license was employed to keep viewers happy. Nobody denies this.

The Haunting in Connecticut is 'based on true events' experienced by the Snedeker family in 1986. It takes place in Southington, CT. Carmen Reed (the mother in the story) still contends the story is true, though she admits the movie did embellish the facts.

No one is totally certain how the haunting started. The house was indeed used as a funeral home and there is some discussion that some 'unsavoury' acts were committed on the dead bodies, though no one has quite come to a definitive conclusion on what exactly those acts were.

The oldest son was sick and on medication and did see a lot of things that absolutely terrified him. Were these things real or hallucinations? is pretty much the question most people would like an answer to.

It seems something really did happen in the house, it's just how much. What the explanation was based on is still a bit of a mystery. The ending, which I won't tell you, is, according to most folks, a real drift from the truth, it didn't happen like that at all.

The movie is based on a true story that much seems to run true it's just how much of it is true and how much of it is fabricated that has a lot of folks searching for answers.

The Haunting In Connecticut just a review of the movie itself.

In the movie the family is known as the Campbells.

A family is forced to move into the only house they can afford to help a family member who is suffering from cancer treatments. The mother, who had a hint that the house had an unsavoury history, feels she doesn't have much choice in renting the only house they can afford and she doesn't believe in ghosts and hauntings anyway.

The boy, who is suffering from cancer, takes his choice of bedrooms in the basement his choice makes sense, as the story implies, the basement gives him a bit of privacy from other family members when he needs a spot to be by himself. It also happens to be the epicenter for paranormal activity.

When he begins to see strange and frightening things he believes it's the side effects of the treatments he is receiving. He doesn't want to stop the treatments and holds back telling his mother and the doctor.

Soon he becomes aware that something far more macabre than side effects from his treatments is happening in the house. Along with his cousin they do a bit of investigating and find out the basement of the house was used as a mortuary.

The real chilling part of the Haunting in Connecticut is that the extra side-line business going on in the house, which was holding seances, was bolstered by the chilling practice of necromancy.

The black art of necromancy really was in use some time ago all around the world and there are rumours some people still practice it to a certain extent today and that's unnerving to say the least.

I don't want to spoil all your fun and give away too much so have a sneak peek at the Haunting in Connecticut trailer :

I thought the premise to the Haunting in Connecticut, was a good one. From a paranormal point of view it makes sense and explains why the haunting occurred. The bit about the ectoplasm is a little out there as far as I'm concerned. There are too many instances where ectoplasm was faked as a ruse by mediums to try to convince people they were legitimate. Does ectoplasm even exist? It's doubtful. I would have dug a little deeper for the answer to that particular question - but that's just my view on it.

The movie has some decent scares. It does have a plot and doesn't rely on too many gimmicks to up the scare factor. As an entertainment movie, if you like ghosts and the paranormal, it's worth watching.

As far as the Haunting in Connecticut being a true story there are definite doubts, though people associated closely with the movie still say something did go on in that house, they're just not letting on how much.

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