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Are Ghosts Real?

If you ask me are ghosts real I will answer very simply, yes, to me they are. I have seen a lot of things that simply cannot be explained any other way and I do analyze every experience I have. When there is no other explanation I have to go with the only other one I have, that the world of the paranormal exists.

Quite often who you ask, will determine what answer you'll get from most people. For those who believe - it will be a definite YES. For those who don't - you'll get a resounding NO.

Even people who have had an experience with something supernatural, still ask are ghosts real?


Surely if you have seen or experienced a visitation that is enough proof, but sometimes it's not. We don't always take what we experience at face value. We forever doubt what is sometimes right before us. It's in our nature to be that way.

If there is something we find too fantastic to believe, or something we are nervous about, even afraid of, we take the stand that it may very well have been our imaginations. Disbelief is a good safety buffer when we simply can't find answers that satisfy us in a way we find comforting.

If we are afraid of the answer, whatever experience we have, even if we have no other explanation except that there are spirits among us, we will deny it. And some of us just don't want to believe there is anything more to our world than what we can have solid evidence of.

You'll find a fair bit of evidence right on this site that says apparitions exist and probably a great many other paranormal things. What you decide will depend on whether you want to believe... are ghosts real, to you?

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