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Here is where you can find answers to your real ghost questions. There are some that are asked over and over such as Are Ghosts Real? and Why Do Ghosts Really Exist? But there are also those that are asked less often, at least out loud, and some of those can reach into our deepest insights.

It can be difficult to find answers that are backed by what some people like to call solid, tangible evidence because of the very nature of the topic. Ghosts and many things connected with the paranormal are ethereal. For the most part you can't really have them in front of you to ask them many of your own questions. It's mostly what they allow you to see and hear that is available to you.

We do have our observations and conclusions in finding answers to our real ghost questions, though.

People have told stories of their encounters with things they can't find explanations for and can't dismiss them as imagination or commonplace. They happened and they were real. When they discussed them with other people they found many occurrences were similar. Somewhere down the line all these encounters have become the knowledge base for the paranormal. What most would call facts about ghosts are based on what the majority of people have experienced and gathered up and then shared with others.

There are some real ghost questions that can have more than one answer and for others, perhaps, an answer hasn't been found yet. That is what makes the paranormal field so exciting, there are so many opportunities open for exploration.

As you delve more into the world of ghosts and have your own experiences you'll find yourself asking even more real ghost questions and searching out real answers.

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