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Children and Ghosts

When we're children and ghosts are around we can see them, but when we get older we can't, why not?

When I was little like 5-7 years old I used to see ghosts. Some were evil some were good. Back then I did see some really weird/scary stuff. But now I can't see ghosts anymore! Why is that?


With childen and ghosts, it's a matter of state of mind

Our mind state has a lot to do with how, and if, we can see or hear paranormal things.

Children seem to have the correct mind state naturally and ghosts seem to respond to that. Children are wide open to every possibility. Everything is new and exciting to them. So they are more willing to believe in ghosts and therefore are more susceptible to receiving any images or messages from them.

A child also has the tendency to imagine a great many things and doesn't have the ability to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. But they accept that, fantasy is a big part of real life for children and ghosts play a natural part. So as a child you may have had some supernatural experiences but some of those experiences may not have been real.

That happens to adults too, of course. You are positive you've been involved with something paranormal and then find out it wasn't after all. Other times you are completely certain that the experience was real and it likely was.

A child's brain is also physically different from an adult's. A lot of changes start to happen around the age of eleven. These changes may or may not have a direct connection with psychic ability or the ability to see ghosts but a great deal depends on the child and what interests they keep and pursue.

We view it as the natural progression of growing up into adulthood. You grow out of imaginary friends, nightmares and a host of other things. While some are indeed from your imagination others are quite real. Both can be discarded, the real and the imaginary.

Some people retain their fascination with the paranormal and it continues into adulthood, it's something they are interested in and they choose, mostly, to keep it.

That can be one of the major drawbacks of growing up, we hinder ourselves in so many ways by accepting what we think is rational and discarding what we believe isn't rational. When it comes to the paranormal though, that can be the wrong way to think.

Many people believe you can alter your ability to see ghosts and tap into other abilities as well. I believe you can as well, I just think it may be a little trickier than a lot of folks think, our minds are pretty complex. We do have to remember though, that any psychic ability may have varying degrees and strengths from one person or another, and that is a factor as well.

We're much more open minded to the paranormal as children, and ghosts are one of the things we tend to see and believe in more when we're young than when we get older.

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