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Stop The Nightmares

Finally, a cure for sleep paralysis and some exciting insights into this phenomenon. Stop the nightmares and regain your precious sleep.

Nobody wants to suffer from debilitating nightmares, and suffer seems to be the right word. These episodes are filled with images of being trapped, stalked by demons and entities, being suffocated. The list is endless. What most of them have in common is that these images are, plain and simply put scary. And they feel way too real to just be dismissed.

It doesn't really matter if you feel sleep paralysis is a sleeping disorder or that you are being attacked by demons, these episodes are unsettling.

Having experienced this several times myself I understand the fear and apprehension associated with it. Even after I did a great deal of research on the subject and discovered what was at the root of my own experiences I still wanted them to stop. The feelings associated with my episodes were just too disturbing.

A lot of the research I found wasn't very promising however. I especially disliked the thought of taking any medication for it. To my way of thinking there had to be a better way to cope with it.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis and Turn it into a Positive Tool You Can Benefit From

When I found A Dreamer's Guide, I don't mind admitting I got a little excited. It went a lot further than the mentality of, "these are just dreams, deal with them".

This e-book gives some excellent insight into what these awake nightmares really are, and includes a cure for sleep paralysis that is natural and easy to implement.

But the book doesn't stop there.

It goes further and explains how to turn your experiences into a positive tool that you can use and even benefit from. It has a firm grip on the medical views of what happens during these dreams and then it expands and includes the mystical properties too.

This is what I found so exciting about this book, it gives clear and easy ways to stop the occurrences from recurring and then it goes on to help you understand their true origins and how you can use them instead of them using you. It gives the control back to you.

Turn Your Nightmares into A Dream Discovery.

A Dreamer's Guide takes you through all the aspects of this phenomenon and then goes beyond into the world of dream study. It will have you facing any attackers that come with your experiences and take control of that encounter. You won't be a helpless victim anymore.

Pleasures of SP

It also helps you change the atmosphere of your dreams. This can be one of the most important parts of dealing with any nightmares. Instead of seeing entities that bring about terror, you will change that, facing them, defeating them, chasing them away and then helping you meet helpful spirits that can aid and inspire you instead.

What I like about Ryan Hurd (above his being a former sufferer) is that he has credentials. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and also has an MA in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University. He does a lot of research into dreams and the effects they can have on your life.

His book delves into the fact that sleep paralysis is another dream state and uses it as a springboard for lucid dreaming, a practice that enables you to use your dreams and benefit from them.

A Dreamer's Guide takes a completely different approach to dealing with this disturbing occurrence than any other I have encountered in my research. In this e-book you are told how to stop episodes from happening through simple diet and living habit changes - a real cure for sleep paralysis that you can feel comfortable with.

And then it continues, when most books and doctors stop giving you any advice or help, and transforms these frightening episodes into a world filled with wonder.

Sleep Paralysis Can Be An Enriching Experience You Have Control Over

It takes what most see as a recurring, fearful episode in their lives and instead turns it into a welcome experience of exploration. That is the aspect of this e-book that I find so exciting. It doesn't dismiss it by simply saying do this and it will stop, it goes a step further and helps you make the most of these experiences.

Dreams that once filled you with dread are changed into something you look forward to.

Ryan contends that there is much more to this dream state then simply your muscles not working correctly and causing you to have nightmares. He believes it is a special dream state that can be tapped into and used for your benefit. He gives you full and easy to follow instructions on how to do this. He also includes free SP Worksheets for establishing your own SP management plan.

If other 'cure for sleep paralysis' help books and doctors have left you wanting more information you have to try A Dreamer's Guide, it comes with a 100% guarantee you have nothing to lose but your fear - and a whole exciting world to gain.

It can be downloaded instantly from our trusted affiliate partner Ryan Hurd.

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