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Sleep Paralysis A Waking Nightmare

Sleep paralysis still has a lot of myths and uncertainties surrounding it. If you've ever woken up not being able to move or cry out, and had a crushing fear overcome you, you've likely had a sleep paralysis episode. These can be very frightening for the many people who experience them. It keeps many people from enjoying a restful sleep.

You're Not Alone.

A lot of people experience this phenomenon on a regular basis. It is generally thought of as a sleep disorder, though that's a fairly general term and encompasses anything that disturbs our rest. This one is a bit different from other disorders.

Visions and Visitations

What makes this unique in sleeping disorders is that it is most often accompanied by visions and feelings of intense evil. Demons and paranormal entities feel like they are right in the room with you. Due to the nature of these awake dreams many people believe it is not a natural occurrence at all but, paranormal in nature.

It helps to understand that this is real and that it has many aspects to it.

Some parts of this phenomenon are still open for discussion. For instance, the dreams or hallucinations that accompany an attack are viewed by the scientific community to be merely nightmares accompanied by the paralyzing effect of our muscles and our minds reacting fearfully. You can find the medical effects of it in What is Sleep Paralysis .

There are those who believe it may have a deeper meaning to it.

Sleep Paralysis

There is research being done and treatments can range from using medications, to digging much deeper into this phenomenon. Ryan Hurd is one researcher who has found a solid working cure for sleep paralysis as well as an innovative method of using these experiences to gain insights into our lives.

Nightly Visitations, Sensations of being physically moved from one place to another

Many people, who go through this time and again, begin to think they may be the victims of an attack by demons or some other paranormal entity. These episodes feel so real, right down to seeing apparitions and feeling them touch you, that it's natural to assume it is something paranormal.

Others may feel they are being whisked away to another place or even another dimension. They can feel the sensations of their bodies moving and then find themselves interacting within different surroundings.

The reality of these events is such that even if you know you are supposed to be in a dream state you find it hard to accept that there is nothing more to it.

Regardless of how you view your episodes, the experience of these dreams are most often uncomfortable and frightening. The bottom line is you have no control over what is happening to you, it usually isn't a nice feeling you are having, and you have no idea why it's happening or how to stop it.

In this section we explore Sleep Paralysis and all it encompasses and hopefully add some insight and help into these occurrences.

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