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Sleep Paralysis Demons

Visitations In Your Sleep

Very often in an episode of sleep paralysis, demons or other entities seem so real you can easily believe they are visiting, or attacking you.

The reality of the vision is so intense that you have the sensation that you are being sat on and even suffocated or you can otherwise feel things touching you, see things looming over you, or swooping down on you.

One of the main aspects of these waking nightmares is that you feel totally awake, but can not move or even cry out. Often this is also accompanied by dreams or images of evil entities, or other equally disturbing subject matter. It all feels like it is happening right now and you are not aware that you are still in a sleep state.

The physical or medical side of this phenomenon is explained in What Is Sleep Paralysis . Some people find a great deal of comfort knowing it is their bodies and mind reacting incorrectly that brings on the episodes. But for others of you there are still some unanswered questions.

You may still find sleep paralysis demons dreams, frightening

Many of you may still find it disturbing though, and it can be a terrifying thing to go through, especially if it continues for a lengthy period of time. Even understanding it may not lessen the apprehension you feel when you go to sleep. Like any recurring nightmare it can be unsettling.

There is also the belief by some that there is much more to it than just dreams. Many believe that entities are finding a way to break through by using these dreams

For these people the medical explanation simply isn't enough, there still feels like there is much more to it than science alone can explain. It feels so incredibly real, like you may even be entering another dimension, that you can't believe your experiences are brought on simply for a medical reason. A lot of people feel this way about it, especially if it is the sleep paralysis demons type that you suffer from.

There is a more in depth study that has solutions for these types of episodes

The good news is that being constantly terrorized each night doesn't have to happen any more. Ryan Hurd has written a wonderful e-book that not only gives exciting insights into the phenomena, it includes a deep look at why evil entities are thought to be such a huge part of it.

More importantly it also includes a cure for sleep paralysis. Ryan has an MA in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University, and is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams as well as being a fellow sufferer. If you are looking for solutions and insights to this you owe it to yourself to have a look at a cure for sleep paralysis .

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