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Sleep Paralysis Treatment

The most popular sleep paralysis treatment, and the one most recommended by doctors is to change your sleeping habits.

If the symptoms don't subside or if the episodes are extremely severe, then the use of certain medications are prescribed.

Sleeping on a regular schedule and limiting your stress may make the episodes go away without any further treatment and for most people that's all it takes.

You should aim for about 8 hours of uninterrupted rest each night.

This isn't that difficult to plan, even around social activities. It doesn't mean you have to give up your night life altogether. For the most part you can likely make up the lost hours by sleeping through in the morning. When that's not possible one night of shortened rest shouldn't bring the symptoms back. It's when you become excessively tired that you may have problems.

If you know what SP is you will understand why it happens and how these simple changes to your lifestyle can help.

A cure for SP that may help and that I highly recommend

common sleep paralysis

There is a wonderful e-book that outlines a cure for sleep paralysis and gives some incredible insights into this phenomenon. It also includes practical advice on how to keep it from recurring which includes getting proper rest, lowering your stress level and perhaps making a few nutritional changes. All of which are not that difficult to achieve to a level that will help.

For myself, I found getting some decent rest was enough to curb the episodes, though the experiences I had were not very lengthy or severe.

The book goes deeper into the aspects of SP and how it may be used as a dream enhancer which is something that got me really excited.

This is a sleep paralysis treatment that is worth considering especially if you can't get your occurrences under control and most definitely worth looking into. This can be such a frightening experience, even to the point of being debilitating for those suffering excessively from it. As this book will show you, it doesn't have to be anymore.

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