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Do Ghosts Exist, Really?

Do ghosts exist, really?

I have a friend who died 4 years back. But his death was something related to supernatural death. Once I heard him calling me after his death when I was there with my friends. May I contact him again, if yes how and where can I contact him?

Ghosts actually do exist, most people have to have an experience themselves before they believe it though.

It's very simple to talk to your friend. You talk to him just as you would if he were alive.

If you are trying to get in contact with someone you know, it's much easier than if you want to communicate with a stranger. We are simply more open to folks we know.

One of the main problems people have when they try to get in contact with ghosts is that they are 'trying too hard'. You have to relax. You'll most often run into a ghost when you least expect it unless you have trained yourself to be open.

Don't try to 'contact' your friend just speak to him as you would if he were alive. Then let it go. You may get a sign right away, but a lot of the time something will happen later. Don't expect him to be in front of you and talking, it can happen, though ghosts also communicate in a much more subtle way. Often they will use dreams, especially if the person they want to talk to is difficult to reach.

The main thing is to relax and not force it.

My Grandma passed away on the 24/05/2010, five days before my birthday. It's her birthday on the 3/12/2010. I was cleaning my room earlier today and when I was dusting her picture (one of me and her in a frame with a love heart on it) the love heart had a distinct "C" written in the dust on it. As soon as I picked up the photo, my cupboard door next to me popped open.

Just want to know if Ghosts/spirits can write on things? My nans name was Molly, My name is Justin, I can't think of what the C may represent??

I do think your grandmother was reaching out to you. They try to communicate with us in a way that we can understand what they are trying to say. Unfortunately we don't always get it. You made the connection, the C is just giving you pause.

She's pretty sure the C in the heart is something you are familiar with, or that it will spark a memory. It's a matter of figuring out how it relates to you as I strongly believe that each sign is specific to the person it is intended for.

Is there any ghost that will take money?

While it has been said that ghosts take things, more often than not they leave gifts.

People have mentioned that things do tend to disappear with no logical reason - usually they are car keys, hairbrushes things like that. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not it is actually ghosts taking these things or perhaps some other entity.

I would do a bit of detective work before I believed that money was disappearing due to a ghost taking it, though. I'm not saying it has never happened or never would, I just think that there may be a chance there is a human involved this time.

My partner, Thomas and I had a busy weekend as we are moving home, we never slept for 2 days straight, but in that period of time we both developed a lot of large and small bruises in almost all the same areas like the knees, elbows, hands, feet, ankles, thighs, lower arms, face and in my case the backside also. Thomas also had some scratches and burns on his legs and stomach.

It was as though they had appeared from nowhere in minutes. A lot of time was spent with doctors and no medical reason was found. I knew both of us had not been fighting.

I'm starting to worry we may have been attacked unwarily by an entity of some sort. Please help me with this I am baffled as to how this has happened to both of us without either one realizing it was happening until Thomas noticed I had 2 black eyes when I came back to the livingroom after having only been gone for 5 minutes to the bathroom.

Oh, forgot to mention a strange thing about the bruises, when I touched them not 1 bruise was painful almost like it wasn't there and for the black eyes they faded shockingly quick just a few hours and left the faintest reminder they had been there. Again Thanks for reading.

Sleep does a lot of things, one is healing and rejuvenating our bodies. When we don't sleep, sleep deprivation sets in, and there are all kinds of repercussions.

Going without sleep for a long time can make you prone to bruising more easily. The slightest bump or knock can leave a mark. Our eyes can also begin to show our fatigue by turning quite black. These 'bruises' aren't true injuries but more of a discoloration, which is why they didn't hurt and healed quickly.

If an entity attacks you you are usually aware of it, especially if bruises are left behind. I don't think you have anything to worry about as I'm fairly certain this is mostly due to being overtired and general bumping yourselves while moving boxes and furniture.

I went outside my house and instantly a cold wind blew in and it scared me and made me look behind to see if something was there! What was this? This was right next to me as soon as I exited and was on the front porch.

It is possible that a draft was caused when you opened the door, it can cause suction or a through draft. A brisk wind squall that only lasts about a minute can also happen, which is a natural phenomenon. You notice these a bit more if they are over a spot where they can swirl up some dust or debris, they look like mini tornadoes. So what you experienced may not have been anything paranormal.

Some ghosts do use a cold draft to get our attention. We notice it as a sudden chilling. Ghosts don't always use cold when they are around, though.

A wind might indicate that a spirit or elemental is at work though most often when that happens the wind is fairly strong and lasts quite a long time. Usually it's accompanied by debris and fairly often causes some damage. Again, I'm pretty sure you would know if this was the case since it can be fairly extreme. I don't think you have to worry.

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