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Every House I Move To Is Haunted

I have a question that stems from my experience with the paranormal since I was a small child. It seems that every house or apartment I've moved to throughout the years (new or otherwise) has eventually showed signs of being haunted. Even if the place was brand new -- we'd move in and a few months later, weird things would begin to happen. We'd move and strange things would happen there too!

It's just recently that this has finally ceased. The apartment I'm living in now and the one I lived in about a year ago are both totally fine. No strange feelings, nothing.

The house I grew up in as a child seemed normal enough until I reached the age of 10 or so. Then (and it was only me or me and my best friend at the time) - we were the only ones to either see, hear, or feel things. My family never did. That, or, they chose to ignore them. I moved around a lot as a kid with my mom and since those were some really stressful years, I'm wondering if maybe that is what triggered it. Because the places we lived in during those years were always the worst in terms of activity. I've since been a much happier person and as a result (I think) - I no longer experience strange happenings wherever I go.

On a side note however - I was contacted just today by a girl who recently moved into a house I lived in several years ago. She claims lots of paranormal things have been happening there and was wondering if I ever experienced anything. While I did, this was during the time when everything was beginning to taper off.. so it wasn't much. Things did happen, though. Small in comparison to what I'd previously experienced, but still. To have a random person ask me that question after they'd just moved in to an old house of mine? Creepy...

I'm also very "into" ghosts and things of that nature. I always have been since I can remember. Maybe I'm just more 'in tune' than others? Can you provide me with any sort of explanation for all of this? It seems that whenever I'm feeling anxious or frightened about something, things begin to happen. Is this all stemming from me? Am I leaving these things behind like a trail? Any advice would be WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for your time.

You never mentioned what type of paranormal activity you had experienced, that could make a difference.

Some people are more tuned in than others and can see and hear ghosts. Ghosts seem to know who can or can't see them. That doesn't mean that hundreds of ghosts will be drawn to a person, it just means if there is one around they may make more of an effort to be noticed.

It seems that whenever I'm feeling anxious or frightened about something, things begin to happen.

Though the explanation can get a little complicated, it is true that children entering puberty can trigger psychic activity, which can be mistaken for poltergeists . It isn't just restricted to teens though, adults and younger children can experience uncontrolled psychokinesis and most of the time they aren't aware they are doing it. Some of the activity may be due to this phenomenon.

Is this all stemming from me? Am I leaving these things behind like a trail?

Not likely. If it's your latent psychic abilities acting up, they would stay with you and not be left behind.

Some places are more prone to paranormal activity and psychic activity as well. This could be due to a lot of different reasons. There is a great deal of speculation that Ley Lines may be a contributing factor, or perhaps the makeup of the land itself. Some gems and stones may be prone to enhancing abilities and drawing them out. If these are a natural part of the landscape it could have an effect.

Some places just have a history and it may be stronger or more easily tapped into. And sometimes a place is just haunted.

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