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Ghost Energy

Ghost energy may be strong enough for ghosts to feel our emotions and come to us when we might need them.

When you are missing someone too much, does the ghost form as cells (energy) and go to person to see them?


My answer to Ghost Energy:

I would say yes. Our emotions are extremely strong. When we miss someone a great deal we can send out our own signal and spirits seem to be able to pick up on this.

It's been noted by many people that when they found themselves in a troubling, or distressful situation a loved one that has passed on has come to them and helped them in some way often giving comfort or even saving them.

Some apparitions are held here by the emotions of the people they spent time alive with. Sometimes we just can't seem to let go and some spirits may be held to this plane by that.

The energy we have in our emotions seems to be enough for a ghost to feel our distress and come to us.


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