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My Son Saw A Ghost Image

My 12 year old son saw a ghost image of a man standing in the reflection on the trash can in his bathroom. I believe my son because he could answer any question I asked in detail about this possible ghost. I need some help. Some questions I have are: could this ghost be evil, does he want something with my family, would it be good to try to confront him, if not how would we get it to move on.
My Answer To - My Son Saw A Ghost Image

Determine if it is a ghost image or a live person's reflection

First try to determine if this could be a real live person. I know nothing of the layout of your house or the layout of your street. Is there any way this could be a real person's reflection?

While it doesn't have to be anything ominous, the possibility should be considered. Could someone be looking in on your son? Where is the window, door, mirror, in relation to the garbage can? At night a window can reflect, reflections can bounce - test this theory out thoroughly before you move to the ghost theory. When it comes to kids - and grownups too - always take the very first assumption that it could be a real live person rather than just a ghost image your son is seeing. I'm not trying to alarm you unduly, but I prefer caution when it comes to kids. Check this out first just to be on the safe side.

Along with determining if this is someone's reflection - it could also be quite harmless and unintentional. Could someone be walking by on the street and that reflection get caught in the garbage can?

How about a reflection inside the house from another room? Maybe the tv? Someone in the house could walk past a window and depending on how the can is positioned it's possible to catch a reflection which would look very much like a ghost image.

Is it possible your son saw his own reflection? Again, depending on the light, maybe just when he opens the door or moves to a certain point in the bathroom? It's something to check out.

Reflections can be very eerie, especially if they're being bounced off a surface that isn't very conducive to giving back a clear representation. It can make something definitely look like it's a ghost image.

When you've determined the ghost image isn't due to mundane reasons, you can move on to treating it as a paranormal event.

Usually, it is fairly simple to get rid of an unwanted ghost - You simply ask them to leave. There are exceptions to this but most often it works very well.

I never get insulting or mean, I don't see any need for that. Very simply say that his presence is scaring your family and you want him to leave and not come back. Never speak with anger or malice, though you can be firm.

The general rule is that ghosts must have permission to visit. Most of the time we are visited by ghosts we know, the permission is assumed by this connection - ghosts just figure they can and usually we don't mind being visited by someone we know, especially if they are warning us of something or giving us comfort - so in this regard we've sort of given permission. Often we are just open minded and ghosts take liberties. They have the attitude of "Well you didn't say I couldn't..."

Most of the time you don't need to do anything more involved to get a ghost to move on.

Would it be good to try to confront him (the ghost image)

I really don't confront ghosts in the manner that it's a confrontation. And you most certainly don't want to 'call one out'. I've seen quite a few shows on tv lately where paranormal investigators get quite rude and out and out challenge the ghost or entity. That's always a bad idea. I never challenge a ghost or entity and never recommend anyone else do it either.

You can ask what they want - you may or may not get an answer, keep in mind sometimes answers are cryptic (I really hate those, but we don't always get what we want )

Could this ghost be evil

Whether or not a ghost is evil really depends on the circumstances surrounding the episode. If nothing more happens than seeing the ghost image reflected in the can then you might be able to assume that projecting a reflection may be extent of the activity the ghost either plans on, or that a reflection is the ghost's limit.

Most ghosts don't have evil intentions, mostly they are trying to get some kind of message across. Some seem to be better at it than others, and sometimes it's us who can't figure the message out.

I'd need more information to get an idea of what the ghost image that your son saw would want. If you'd like to dig a bit deeper just let me know.

Ilse Turnbull

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