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Ghost in the Background on The Picker Sisters on Lifetime

by Gerald Mixon
(Pace, Fl US)

I recorded, on the DVR, the episode of The Picker Sisters broadcast on 8/9/2011. They were somewhere in Mississippi at a place called The Shed BBQ.

It was a very hot day and they went inside to cool off a little. They were standing in front of a large window talking (this was 20 minutes into the show according to my timer). Through the window you could see a few people sitting at picnic tables eating. Suddenly there was a man stepping into the picture outside. He was about 15 feet away from the window. He was wearing a long coat, white shirt , tie and hat from around 1910. Keep in mind that it was probably around 100 degrees outside.

He stopped and turned his face toward the window and placed his right hand over his heart. The area around him had a slight reddish glow. No one on the show or outside gave any indication that they saw him. He was only on screen about 2 seconds but I have it recorded. I should be able to get a picture from the tv and forward it tomorrow. This was on the Lifetime network.

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Ghost in the Background on The Picker Sisters on Lifetime

by: Gerald

The episode could be viewed online but is now "unavailable". I do have pictures from the tv screen, but I have been procrastinating about downloading them. I will try to do this soon.

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