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Ghosts And Your Soul

Can a ghost steal or take your soul?

A ghost doesn't have the strength, or power if you like that term better, to take your soul, or steal it.

There is a debate as to whether or not a demon or the devil can take your soul. Many state adamantly, no. Others think that under certain circumstances it may be possible.

The general belief is that you have to give permission to have your soul taken from you, it can't just be snatched away. There is also the belief that the devil works overtime trying to gather up as many souls as he possibly can, either by legitimate means or by trickery.

It is thought this may happen outright if you conduct a ceremony and offer up your soul, usually in exchange for something you want. Or perhaps you give your soul without fully realizing you've done so the thinking here is that the devil tricks you somehow into giving it to him.

Another theory is that God is the true owner of all souls and it is up to Him to decide if your soul will be forfeit, or condemned, regardless of the circumstances.

It's a grey area for a lot of people. Also, many people think losing your soul and possession are the same thing, when they are totally different.


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