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Do Ghosts Age?

Does a ghost age or does it stay at an age they prefer, do babies grow.

In my experience each ghost stayed the same age they were when they died, regardless of how much time passed. That may be the simple way of it or it could be that is what they are familiar with and it makes them comfortable. Or perhaps they know that is how we would recognize them. Most of the time they appear to be healthy.

I know they can appear as they did when they died, with wounds they had suffered, or they can appear unharmed and healthy. Perhaps it is the trauma of the moment, or how long it takes them to reconcile with their death that changes this. Maybe they choose how they look to help get their message across.

Also, a lot of times if they suffered an illness that made them lose themselves, like a mental illness, this is not present any longer. It seems they can shed it, as it isn't really a part of them.

There are ghosts that hold on to anger or sadness or whatever emotion they can't seem to let go of. That is something they may have to work through before they are able or willing to move on. So emotions can be changed in them, it seems they still feel.

There are many stories of ghosts being the age they were when they died, so it would seem they don't age, at least that's how they appear to us. They seem to be able to change their appearance, though if that is by design or something that just happens is a mystery.

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