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Ghosts and Undertakers

My house used to be an undertakers house. Is there a chance that there are ghosts living in my home?

But my mum says to me that nothing will happen as I have lived here for 15 years (my whole life) and the undertaker would have treated the bodies with care!

I need some reassurance please!

Ghosts most often haunt places that have meaning for them they can haunt other places but they usually have a reason to do so.

Funeral homes don't really have any meaning for them. While they might have visited while their families were in mourning they don't usually stay afterward as it is their loved ones they were drawn to and not their bodies or the funeral home. Once the ceremony is over there is very little purpose for them to stay around.

We think we will have an attachment to our bodies after we die because we are so concerned with them while we are alive. You have to remember our bodies have a use while we are alive, we need them. After we die it's our spirit that continues, since we don't need our bodies any longer we aren't that concerned about them anymore and can leave them behind.

If the undertaker didn't live in the same building as the funeral home he worked in, there is even less reason for ghosts to be in the house. They just don't have a connection to the undertaker, at least not enough of one to be around him.

Your mother is also correct in assuming that the undertaker probably had the utmost respect for his clients. There are a lot of stories, including movies, about undertakers and funeral homes being haunted by terrorized or abused ghosts and entities, it just makes a good setting for these types of stories. The truth is that there is rarely anything untoward going on in these places. Ghosts simply have no reason to haunt them.

Enjoy your home and don't be concerned.

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