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Can Ghosts Control Their Living Partners?

Is it possible for a ghost to control their living partner?


I don't think someone can be controlled by ghosts, in other words the ghost can't make you do something you don't want to do, they don't have that kind of power. However a ghost may be able to manipulate someone if they are vulnerable.

When you lose someone you are very close to there are obviously feelings of sorrow, but there are also lots of other emotions that can make someone very susceptible to influence.

If a person can't seem come to terms with their partner's death and then they are visited by a ghost, the spirit can have a very strong emotional impact. It would be very easy for a ghost to manipulate someone if they are in this state of mind.

Would a Ghost Be interested in Controlling Someone

Not all ghosts and spirits are happy about their fates and it seems for some their main reason for being is to disrupt the lives of the living. They could want to manipulate someone for their own gratification.

In the case of someone who is grieving and you think they are being manipulated by a ghost my best advice is to seek grief counselling for them. Once they come to terms with the death of their partner they will be able to function on their own and any visits by a ghost won't disrupt their lives.


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