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Do Ghosts Haunt Their Murderers?

Are ghosts of people that have been murdered known to haunt their murderers? I never heard of a case.


My Answer to: Do Ghosts Haunt Their Murderers?

Fascinating question. No one's come forward with this sort of case that I have heard of either, though I can't say I'm all that surprised. If someone murdered someone and then found themselves haunted I doubt they'd get much help other than being turned in and prosecuted. Not much of a trade off from a murderer's viewpoint, I don't think.

Still, I had to do some searching on this one because I figured someone must have mentioned this somewhere.

I did come up with the true case of The Greenbrier Ghost.

This case is actually on the law books. After this woman was murdered she came back to visit her mother and tell what happened to her. Because of those visits her murderer was convicted of the crime.

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