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Do ghosts follow their bodies?

My neighbors' father died and was buried in the garden of the house. Our kitchen is located near the burial area.

His body was currently moved to a cemetery, but I would like to know if a ghost stays where it was first buried, or if it follows its body?

I am highly psychic and I picked up negative energies from next door the first day we moved in, as he was buried a year before, then relocated a few months after we moved in.

Ghosts don't seem to be all that attached to their corporeal bodies.

They stay on this plane for whatever reason they have , they need to finish something, there is a task they must complete, they just want to check on loved ones, maybe they are restless, in short, it can be anything that is important to them. And they don't necessarily stay either where they died or where they were buried, lots of times they frequent places they enjoyed being at when they were alive.

We have no idea about the circumstances surrounding your neighbor's father's death, at least I don't. It's natural to assume that he might be haunting the property because he was buried in the garden. Even if he may have been a victim of foul play, that does not necessarily mean he would haunt that spot.

Some souls are quite content to let go of this world regardless of how they made their exit. That is why many murder scenes are very quiet when it comes to psychic activity. The souls simply move on.

You mentioned negative energies,

Likely what you are picking up on is a memory imprint. Every place basically records what has happened and stores those emotions. Sometimes we tap into them, either because we are highly sensitive or a place is just highly charged. You'll notice some places just feel serene, or lonely, happy or at times tragic. That's the memory imprint being accessed.

I wouldn't be overly concerned, the body was moved so if it was a case of concealment it's been found out which most often brings closure to any spirits that are bothered by it. As for the imprint, a place quickly absorbs a new atmosphere and with this being settled I would assume the negative emotions will soon be replaced by more positive ones.

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