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Ghosts Say Different Things

Ghosts say a lot of things to different people, So, why don't ghosts just say hi?

There are a few theories on that question.

Some folks believe that ghosts have different strengths, which they think may depend on how long they have been ghosts, and that some are simply not strong enough to manifest fully so they can be seen and heard by everyone.

While that may have something to do with it, I'm more inclined to believe that it is we, the living, who are lacking in the ability to see and hear ghosts fully.

Ghosts exist, so why doesn't everyone see them? Why can some people see or hear them clearly, while others only catch a faint glimpse?

It's a bit like wondering why someone can play sports fabulously while someone else does well enough to cross the street without tripping over their own feet.

We all have abilities, and we all choose which to make stronger and which ones we leave behind. There will always be things we will excel in and those we will never truly master. We all have limits.

It's the same when it comes to seeing or hearing ghosts, some folks don't have as strong an ability, and have no desire to pursue it. For others it may come more naturally.

Ghosts may very well be trying to just say 'hi' and we're not getting the message so they have to resort to other ways of getting their point across to us.

In any event, sometimes ghosts say hi as simply as we all speak to one another, and other times, perhaps with other people, it seems that whatever they want to say just gets complicated and probably a little muddled by the time we get any hint that they are there.

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