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Grant's Tomb

by Batya
(Florida, USA)

A few years ago, when I lived in New York City, I had a friend who lived near Grant's Tomb in the Morningside Heights section of the city. The tomb isn't really there, and the official name is the General Grant National Memorial.

Grant's Tomb

While Grant's ghost isn't located there, a lot of other ghosts have attached themselves to the monument. While visiting my friend, I saw them - they were haunting her apartment. My sense is they were a lot of the soldiers who either fought with or against General Grant.

She's since had them expelled from her home, but I think they were wandering around a lot of the neighborhood there. I don't know if there are stories told at the park about these ghosts, or if others besides myself and my friend ever saw them or not, but Grant's Tomb is an interesting place to visit.

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