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Guardian Angel Sightings by my Daughter
by Tami

We have paranormal things happen at our house. My 12 yr old daughter has seen a little boy about 4-5 yrs old in her room.

Once at night he was looking out her window next to her bed. The next time she said he was standing next to her bed facing her and she said it looked like he had wings, like angels do...

My question is I always thought that angels were male and older, not children.. So how do I explain the boy with wings????

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Guardian Angel Sightings by my Daughter

Guardian Angel Sightings
by: Ilse

People are still debating whether angels are male or female or genderless. Guardian angels are angels, obviously, but perhaps they have a class of their own.

The archangels all have male names. But that doesn't prove that the rest of the angels are all male. And there are quite a few paintings (old paintings), or prints that depict female angels. That could just be artist preference, or it could be an indication that female angels have been seen, as well as male.

As for the age of angels. Again, not something anyone can agree on wholeheartedly. You see prints and pictures of tiny cherubs that seem to be babies, and then, of course, prints of adult angels as well and just about any age in between.

So where does that leave us? Guessing, I suppose.

There can be many theories.

That the age of the angel is in respect to the person the angel is guardian of. If the person is young the angel appears young as well.

Another theory is that the angel takes on the image that the person will accept. It may be easier for a young child to accept an angel closer to their own age and that is what they see. The same goes for a ring of light surrounding the angel, or wings for example. That is what we may expect angels to look like so that is how they appear to us in guardian angel sightings.

People have also related that they saw what they believed to be their guardian angel but he/she didn't have wings at all, just a natural glow about them.

What seems to be universal, is that each person seems to know instinctively that they have seen their guardian angel.

There may not be a standard for angels, gender or image wise. It may be that they appear to us in a way that we as individuals will recognize and acknowledge that we were indeed visited by an angel.

by: Marissa

That's very creepy; this reminds me that this same thing happened to me during camp fire.

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