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Haunted Palm Spring Home

I have lived in the valley for one year back in 1998, I was just 24 yrs of age and moved out for the very first time.

I got a job working at Lucky's Market where I met my roommate Danny. As we became better acquainted he asked me if I would like to rent a room. He was going through a divorce and it sounded like a great opportunity.

The day that I moved in it all seemed like everything was going to be alright. Our schedule was 10pm until 6am.

That night was my very first encounter with the spirit that resides there.

I was sitting around waiting for my time to leave the house, Danny had left a little early. I was sitting in the living room, alone, listening to music when I heard the door open and close, also keys and giggling as though Danny came home.

I stood up to greet him, calling his name. When he did not reply I got up and approached the back door where I had heard the sounds. I saw a shadow of a person on the kitchen floor near the back door. Thinking that Danny was trying to scare me I ran in the area and jumped into the kitchen, trying to scare him. To my surprise there was no one there.

Later that night I was going to work, where I met up with Danny and it took me a while to tell him about my experience, because I didn't want him to think that I was crazy.

I finally gathered my courage and told him what had happen at the house. He looked straight into my eyes and his reply was "Oh, by the way, you do hear and see things in the house."

I froze, I didn't know what to say or do. Lots of things went through my head, should I move out or stay? Well I decided to stay.

I stayed there for about a year but things got worse. I started to see lights on the ceiling - 3 of them - one on top and 2 of them on the bottom. I saw shadows of people kids, men, woman running on the wall, smoke like object standing in the door frame looking at me, knocking. We would see a person walk from one of the rooms to the bathroom.

One time I had a female friend visiting, I would tell her about all the things that would happen.

She would tell me that I was crazy but that night we first seen someone behind the door in the bathroom, peeking out from the crack of the door looking into the living room where we were sitting. The street light was coming in a little bit enough to seen the person like moving around. We both walked toward it when the thing stood up, and started backing way.

I turned on the light and looked behind the door and saw nothing but it felt like someone turned on the freezer very cold. Now I know about the cold spots and I have to agree it was very cold in that spot. We backed away and ran outside and waited for day light and I moved out.

I still have things happen to me, I don't know if it followed me but too much to mention. Thank you for listening

It sounds like there is a lot of different things going on here. Some places seem to attract paranormal activity more than others.

With still having things happen to you, sometimes things can follow you, but most likely you are more aware of the paranormal now and therefore more tuned in to it. Which could be why you're still having experiences.

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