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Haunted Places in Australia

by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Donvale, Melbourne, Australia)

I wish that I had seen this myself in person but then again, neither did my Step mother until she had the photos processed.

They, my Dad and Step-Mother, camped plenty of times up on the Murry River just outside of Mathoura on the Victorian/New South Wales Border. Enjoying the peaceful serenity of the true blue Aussie bush.

The area is a very spiritual place to the Aborigine and carries with it many Dreamtime Stories

So it is no wonder that on processing the photos taken during many of their trips the apparitions were always found.

I looked through these photos on many occasions and had to agree that in many of them there were images of head shots, full standing figures, crouching figures and group gatherings.

Mathoura River Gums

All these were found in the branches of the trees, between the tree trunks or in the water ponds beside the river banks.

I was quite a skeptic in the beginning but I had to admit that the obvious images in front of me were real, not imaginary.

I could see what others were seeing. Not every shot had these images in them, probably 1 in 5 maybe and the strangest thing was that some of the photos had images of the same Aborigine!

There were male, female and children apparitions, old and young and the males had full beards and long curly hair.

I do remember one very striking image of an Aborigine peering from behind a river gum, arm raised as if waving...eerie!

I will try to hunt out these photos in my Dad's garage. If I actually find a shot or two I will send them along, in the meantime, the photo I have added is a generic one of the area in Mathoura.

Never know, if you look hard enough you just may see someone?

Here is a great Video that you might enjoy and yes, the images were very much like these tribal gentlemen!

Perhaps others may have experienced such a phenomenon? I would love to find out.


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