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Haunted Schools

Do ghosts haunt schools? Are black shadows real?


My Answer to Haunted Schools

There are quite few accounts of haunted schools. A lot of them are urban

legends and made up just to break the boredom and have some fun scaring the younger kids. But others are very real.

We had one of those legends in our school and we had to investigate, of course. The scariest thing that happened is that we almost got caught while we were in the basement. Getting caught meant a three day suspension - and our parents would obviously be contacted. Not something we were too eager to have happen.

Some haunted schools really are haunted

There is one instance though, where I attended a school concert and was sure I was in one of the many haunted schools I had heard about. We sat in the very last row, so that when we got up to take pictures we wouldn't disturb anyone. About half way through the concert I felt someone kick the underside of my seat. I instantly got the impression it was a ghost and with no one behind me was convinced I was right.

I didn't turn around to look, sometimes if a ghost is there and you turn around to look at them, they scamper away. Instead I stayed very still and said. "I felt that, is there something I can do for you?" I got the impression of "No, I just wanted someone to know I'm here." And then he giggled and ran away.

There have been a few students who have died while attending this school and one student in particular was very, mischievous. He was rather small for a highschool student but good natured about the ribbing he received because of his size. The students basically adopted him as their 'mascot'. He would play harmless tricks on folks and then run away before he was caught. He died suddenly of a terminal illness and was greatly missed by the students.

Students talk about their fellow schoolmate visiting with them after his death and believe they go to one of the haunted schools in the area.

One thing that kids ask me is "Why do ghosts come back to haunt schools?"

Most kids think of school as a lot of work and can't wait for the weekend or vacation time. Haunting a school seems like the very last thing a ghost would want to do. But school is also the place where kids get to see their friends and there are usually a few good memories as well. Those memories would be enough for a ghost to go back and pay a little visit once in a while.

Shadow beings have been sighted by a lot of people you can find out more about shadow people .

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