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Hearing Your Name Called

Hearing your name called is a rather common phenomenon and there are a lot of cases of it reported.

I've listed a few that have been sent in.

What does it mean when a ghost calls your name?

A few weeks ago in the morning I was home alone before school and I was standing by the counter eating my breakfast when I heard my name whispered directly in my ear. I called my brother's name, thinking it may be him, but no one replied. Do you have any idea what this could be?

It can be a normal occurrence or a psychic connection.

Psychologists refer to it as a form of Pareidolia, though instead of seeing images, you hear familiar sounds. They say that the mind routinely takes garbled sounds and turns them into something we can recognize, and our names are usually what we hear most often.

While this may be the case sometimes, there may be other times when it can be attributed to a different reason.

If you can recognize the voice then the origins may be from either a ghost or a person you are very close to.

Obviously if the person has died then it may be their ghost trying to get your attention. If whatever they are saying is something you can relate to, like hearing your name called, you will be more apt to react, which is why it may be used so often.

If the person is still with us then it may be a psychic connection. If they are concentrating very hard on you it might just be enough for the message to get to you.

There are a lot of stories detailing this

Children have related stories of this happening when they were in trouble, or just about to get into trouble. They heard one of their parents call out to them. Sometimes this alerted them to the situation, often saving them.

It is believed that all of us have a connection to those we love dearly and sometimes we can get a subconscious message that they need us. We think of them, and the message is relayed.

Some Folks Warn of Dangers

Some folks believe you should never answer when hearing your name called if you don't recognize the person sort of a "don't talk to strangers" rule. If you feel at all uncomfortable about the voice then simply not answering seems to work fine and nothing else happens.


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