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I lived in a haunted house

by Gerald
(Pace, Fl US)

I bought a house in 1986 which was and still is haunted.

The house had a mark on every single door, closet, bathroom, etc where a hasp for a padlock had been. We would be watching tv and see someone walk by in the hall. I would be home alone and very clearly hear the front door open and close although it was locked. I would look around the house and no one else was there. Sometimes I would do this with gun in hand.

I moved in 1992 but my son still lives there and says that it is still the same. This is not an old house and was built in 1984 I believe.

Comments for I Lived in a Haunted House
by Ilse

Houses don't have to be old in order to be haunted. We're used to the image of a haunted house being a place that is hundreds of years old with a tortured past. The truth is any place can be haunted.

There are different reasons for a haunting. Some can be friendly, while others are more frightening. A lot of times the ghosts are going through a set routine over and over. We consider this a residual haunting, more of a memory

Then we have active hauntings, where ghosts are back on the living plane and have a purpose. What you're experiencing could be either one.

There's a little more on different types of haunting at ghost hauntings.

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