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Light - Candle Ceremony
Dispels Negative Energy
Attracts Positive Energy

The Light Ceremony is centuries old. Flame, usually from a candle, radiates a golden halo that connects with Sacred Light. It gets rid of negative energy and sets up protection and attracts positive energy. And just feels good to do!

It's the type of ceremony that can give you a real feeling of well being and peace.

Generally a candle is used for the ceremony but anything with a flame can be implemented. Candles are safest, and if you are doing any outdoor purifying you can mount it in a storm lantern, or use a lantern with a wick.

I like to use a beeswax candle I have a few reasons for feeling this way. One is that it is the closest to nature and therefore, in my opinion, purest. Beeswax candles also have the added benefit of destroying viruses in an area. Plus, since they don't have any chemicals or synthetics in them, burning them doesn't cause any problems for folks, even those suffering from asthma or breathing problems, so it is much safer to use than regular candles.

You may, of course, use any candle you like, though a white or very light coloured one is called for.

Conducting the Light Ceremony

As in the other ceremonies, leave a window or door open for negative energies to leave.

Clear your mind with a few deep breaths and have your Intention firmly in mind. Your Intention can be a very simple one For all negative energy to leave and find peace, and for positive and protective energy to fill the area.

Light your candle use a wooden match.

Watch the halo of Light as you repeat your Intention and move through your house or as you move the candle so the Light covers whom or whatever you are conducting the ceremony for.

Let your mind be filled with the candle light and calming thoughts.

This is a very peaceful and often enlightening ceremony. Don't try to force anything exceptional to happen, or expect some drastic signs to appear. That only clouds what the Light ceremony is truly all about. Be receptive to what the Light stands for peace, healing, positive energy. It is most often when you are open and not expecting anything that you may receive a boon. This is usually in the form of an insight, a feeling of goodness, or a reassurance that all will be well.

Don't be disappointed if it seems like nothing is happening, you haven't done anything wrong. Sometimes it isn't obvious to you exactly what is happening, it can be extremely subtle. Perhaps that is the best way to become aware. As you become more relaxed and comfortable with the ceremony you will notice a difference.

When you feel you are finished take a relaxing deep breath.

You may put the candle out either by blowing or using a candle snuffer - or if you wish, let the candle burn itself out.

Sometimes you may want to use the candle again, and other times you may feel the candle should burn itself out, or simply be put away, or left in a spot that feels right. Don't question these feelings, simply go with them. There really isn't any wrong way to conduct and finish this ceremony, just treat it with reverence.

If I use a candle in someone else's house or on someone else's possessions, or another person, I give the candle to them. I just feel it is more connected at that point to that place, or that person.

You may do the ceremony as often as you like, whether or not you feel any negativity isn't important. Many people do the ceremony on a regular basis just because they get a good feeling from doing it, and want to reinforce positive energy in their space, that is perfectly ok. The Light Ceremony is meant to be just what it seems like, a celebration of Light and positive energy.

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