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Will the old memory imprint on new house ruin our home?

I moved into a house where the people who lived here before me were very abusive to there kids and now they are in jail because of it. So I'm wondering because of all the negative evil that took place here can I expect bad things or weird things to happen in this while me and my children are living here?

No, there is no reason why a hash memory imprint should continue in the new house, and to you it's new.

While it is true that places store memories it doesn't mean that they only store evil or sad ones

It can be difficult to tell why a place will store the specific memory imprint it does. We are often surprised that a spot we would assume is filled with evil, such as a murder scene, may instead be infused with sorrow or confusion. It really depends which emotions are recorded.

With that in mind, the atmosphere of a place can be changed. You came to the house with hope and excitement, those emotions will very quickly begin to replace and change the memory imprint on the new house. I wouldn't worry at all, just be happy!

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