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Do animals see or sense ghosts?

It seems like they can. We notice it most with dogs and cats, probably because these are the animals we live with the most and because of that we notice their behaviour much more and can probably understand it better.

Animals will also sense if the ghost is harmful or not. At times an animal will bolt from a room or even refuse to enter, we can assume that's because the being is likely projecting negative energy. It doesn't always mean it's completely evil, just projecting negative energy.

Other times they interact with them and actually enjoy it like in The Lost Miner , in a case like that I think we can assume the ghost means no harm.

How is that some people can see and speak to ghosts and others can't? And how can you develop that ability?

I believe it is all in how we manage to reach the mind state that is necessary to open ourselves to this other world. There may be a difference in how each person can reach this state, as everyone may have a different level of ability but I do believe we are all capable of it.

Quite often the ghosts people see are people they knew while they were alive, like relatives or close friends, and the ghost is making a real effort to communicate with them. We're relatively open to people we know and therefore more receptive to the ghost. Being open and receptive to messages may be what makes a difference between being able to see and hear them and not detecting anything.

If you are a ghost can you still come and haunt people if they live close to a cemetery?

Most cemeteries aren't haunted at all. We just assume since so many people are buried there that ghosts must be around all the time. In fact very few ghosts bother to follow their bodies or remain with them after they die. What continues afterward is the spirit or soul of the person and the body we used while living isn't needed any more.

Ghosts tend to like places that are familiar, or hold some special meaning to them. A cemetery doesn't usually hold anything special for them.

With most ghost visits the ghost has a purpose, usually to get some message across or perhaps complete a task. While there are cases where a ghost haunts someone they don't know, they don't usually just pick someone randomly, and most often they don't do it just for fun or to be evil.

While they can and do haunt places, again most often there is a reason for it. Living beside a cemetery isn't going to cause you to be haunted.

What is it called when a ghost relives its often violent death over and over? Thank you

We call that a residual haunting . It doesn't necessarily mean that the ghost itself is reliving the episode, it is the impression on a place, like a movie, that is being replayed.

Is every place haunted? If I was to use a tape recorder or rt-evp to try and contact a ghost in my house, or anyone's house, will I get a ghost?

Most places aren't haunted, and even those places that are known to have a ghost or spirit still aren't haunted all the time. Ghosts can and do leave a place, they sometimes come back to it, but you can't be sure when that is going to be. That is why some folks will do an investigation on a place that has a lot of stories of ghosts and still come up with nothing. The ghosts might have left or just don't feel like interacting.

You certainly can do evp and recordings in your house if you want to. I don't recommend it though as a lot of the time it bothers folks to know there is something in their home, especially if it's someone, or something, they know nothing about. While a lot of people claim that it would be exciting, if it happens they find themselves a little spooked. Since it's your own home, you can't really leave and it can ruin the sanctuary feeling that most homes provide for us.

It is up to you, of course, but I would consider it carefully first.

Early in the morning I was driving down a nearby road, near which a former classmate of mine had passed away in an accident (a car hit her at a high speed). As I turned onto the road, I could hear a voice as clear as day say "slow down". The radio was off, and I was alone. Is it common for ghost to manifest themselves in voices? I wasn't going fast at the time, should I take these voices as a warning or a spiritual replay of what has previously happened.

A replay of what happened would be closer to the accident itself repeating, or parts of it playing over. This sounds like it is someone warning drivers to be careful.

The most common way for ghosts to interact is through talking. And if you consider it, seeing a ghost while you are driving may cause an accident, the exact opposite of what this particular ghost seems to have had in mind.

It seems to me that this was an active visit , the ghost was telling you to slow down. It certainly can't hurt to be more careful.

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