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Orb Colors
And What They May Mean

Does the color of an orb mean something specific? I've noticed a bright blue one floating around my livingroom.


Some people believe that orb colors are significant and have great meaning and that it may be associated with what type of entity they actually are.

Another thing to consider is could they be using coloring as a way to get their message to us? Since colors represent different things to us and can stir our emotions it would seem to be a good way to communicate, especially for an entity that doesn't seem to have much in the way of communication tools, at least so far as we know at this time.

If that is the case then how do we go about interpreting what we see?

Orb Colors

To complicate things a bit, the interpretation of colors can be a vague science. Depending on what area you are referring to metaphysical, aura, paranormal or everyday use, the interpretations may vary. Then you can add in the effects they can have on people and it may start to be a bit difficult to decide what each one means.

So when you're trying to interpret the meaning of orb colors where do you start?

Since you're dealing with the metaphysical you may try a meaning as it relates to the universe and the elements, or at least how we feel they are related. And then you can add what they may represent to you personally.


White is most often associated with good or benevolent spirits, innocence and purity we think of light as being white, and angels as appearing in white.


Black is most often associated with power, mystery and evil we may think of the unknown, demons and the devil as dark and black.


Green brings to mind plants and fertility. Green symbolizes that our world is doing well, there is growth and abundance. It can have the meaning of healing and growth, renewal.


Brown is associated with the earth. It's steady and solid, it can be grounding.


Blue depicts sky and air, and is often associated with heaven. It can also mean water. Both sky and water are vast and seemingly endless. It can have an ethereal feel to it.


Yellow brings the sun to mind. We find the sun warm and nurturing, it brings joy and uplifts the spirit, it can mean hope.


Orange is warm and comforting. Not a harsh color, we find it uplifting and soothing and often associate it with autumn, and harvests, a time of reaping and celebration.


Purple is considered a royal shade extravagant. It is associated with the mystic and spiritual. It may be considered to be slightly out of our reach, perhaps to do with a higher power.


Red is fire, even a sunset is described as burning. It's a vibrant energy, not relaxing, instead it is a call to action, it stimulates energy and movement. It's also used as a warning as in a stop sign. Some may interpret it as being connected with the fires of hell, though you should remember that red also represents passion and love.

Try and take note of what your feelings are when you see an orb and what the coloring represents for you, we all have our favourites and some can have a significant meaning to us . Often our first impression is the closest. Sighting an orb may be a very personal thing and the orb colors may reflect that.

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