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A Case of Psychic Visions - Images?

This happened to me a while ago, but I haven't been able to find any answers and it still bothers me. Just wondering if you had any insight.

When I was 14 my grandfather lived with us and he passed away (at the hospital, not in our house) about a week later I was in the shower and I heard knocks on the shower window. I looked and there was a woman's bony hand coming through the window. It was a very foggy substance. I started praying and it slowly went away.

After it left and I caught my breath again I ran out of the bathroom screaming and the occurrence still haunts me. Any idea what that was?

I'm not familiar with anything like this as far as ghosts or spirits are concerned, though I'll readily admit I don't know everything.

What I believe it might be is a form of psychic visions or images

When we're very upset, and losing your grandfather certainly qualifies, we can sometimes project our fears. This could possibly manifest itself into an image. We haven't tapped into all the psychic abilities that we have so we really don't know everything we're capable of. But the mind is very complex and it works on different levels. Our conscious mind we are aware of our subconscious mind can be a bit trickier.

It can be quite busy and we don't even know it's working.

Subconsciously you may have been afraid of dying yourself. When someone close to us dies we suddenly realize that we're not immortal and death becomes something that can actually happen. That's scary.

We give symbols to things, and see symbols in things. A bony hand is a classic symbol of death reaching out. You may have manifested the image without knowing you were doing it. Does it look totally real? Absolutely. Could it have touched you? Possibly. People have reported being touched by images, though most often it dissipates before it reaches you. Would it have hurt you? Probably not.

So how real is it?

The person who has the psychic visions is the only one who can really tell. Some people can quickly note that it was a dream image for others, like yourself, it looks and feels physically real.

It can be hard to separate the paranormal from the psychic, then throw in our subconscious mind and we really find it hard to sort it all out.

I don't think there was anything evil after you. But was something psychic going on? It could very well have been your subconscious projecting the image. The thing to remember is that it does happen to folks in your situation and in the end everything turns out just fine, so you don't have to worry.

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