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Questions About Ghosts

Here are a few more questions about ghosts from our readers, and my answers.

I noticed that on the ghost shows that the women in the house always notice the paranormal activity or ghost first, and of course the men never believe them. Eventually the men experience these hauntings as well but way after the fact.

I was wondering if there is a reason that the women always notice these dwellings first and have the ghosts or spirits revealed to them always before the men do? Thanks

Perhaps women may be more open to the possibility of the paranormal existing. We're a little more open with our emotions, maybe a bit more fanciful?

Men also tend to be in a protective/attack mode, especially when something happens, which may not always lend itself to interacting with the paranormal.

I know there are men that are extremely intuitive so it's not really a female thing. Maybe women just admit to it more?

My great gran was a medium so brought up on this. What does a white, luminous, beckoning arm, coming out of a wall mean?

I lived on hanging Judge Jeffrey's burial grounds apparently, if that means anything.

We usually associate white with good, however, I wouldn't go near an arm coming out of my wall, just on principle. The ghost may be trying to show you something, but caution is always a good idea, especially if you aren't sure what's going on.

There are ghosts or spirits who are said to lead the unwary to misfortune or death. Whether or not this is superstition or truth, I can't say for sure.

There are a lot of hauntings attributed to the judge. It seems many of those who were sent to their executions by him are unsettled. It may well be that this is one of the many and they want you to know what went on, or show you something.

When you see the ghost of a deceased loved one. What does that mean? Are they warning you that something is going to happen? Like someone is going to die?

My mother used to see the ghost of her mother and every time she did someone died, is there any truth to that? My daughter seen her deceased grandmother and her father last night, that is why I am concerned. She actually felt them touching her hair. Please answer!

It doesn't have to mean anything except that they wanted to see her and she happened to be receptive. I haven't actually heard specifically that when you see a deceased relative that someone is going to die. It isn't an omen or anything like that. It may have been a coincidence with your mother.

I have spoken to my father, who died some time ago, and nothing happened. He simply wanted to know I was ok. I know of other people who have seen their relatives as well, and again, nothing bad happened because of it.

I understand that you're concerned because of the circumstances, but you likely have nothing to worry about.

We live in a trailer house with a furnace. There is one room that is always colder than all the others, at least 10-20 degrees colder. But the dogs love that room. Is there a ghost there 'cause I was always told a dog will not even go in a house that is haunted?

As far as my experiences go, cold doesn't mean there is, or isn't a ghost. I've seen and interacted with ghosts and haven't noticed any change in temperature. Other folks have mentioned that a room suddenly got colder, or they felt a cold draft and then something happened.

I don't know why the room would be colder than the rest of the house, perhaps the warm air doesn't get to it as easily, or it isn't as well insulated, that's always a possibility. There is the chance that it may be haunted, though just being cold isn't an indiction of it.

Animals can sense ghosts and paranormal activity, but they aren't always afraid of it. If the spirit is emitting negative energy an animal might react with fear or aggression depending on the animal. Other times they seem to get along with spirits just fine.

There is a story you may be interested in, dogs are actually playing with a ghost - Real Ghost Story

My dog starts barking at my open window, every time I pull the blinds up. I've always gotten up and check to see if anything was out there, but I didn't see anything. It happens at 2 or 3 in the morning.

I heard how dogs can feel a ghost when it's near, could it be possible that there's a ghost around?

Animals do tend to be able to sense and see ghosts and spirits, but dogs also bark at a lot of things.

You mention that it happens whenever you pull the blinds up, it may be possible that your dog sees his reflection in the glass, that could be enough to get him barking.

I'm leaning towards your dog sensing something moving around outside though. Since it happens at around the same time every morning it's possible it's another animal, a cat or something similar. Animals are very routine oriented creatures and they tend to do the same thing at about the same time every day/night.

So, while it could be a ghost or spirit, it doesn't have to be.

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