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Recording Evp in Your Home - Should You?
Is EVP Dangerous?

Inspired from a show I seen on TV. I decided to do my own EVP recording (while sleeping) I heard a few things after listening to it the next morning, but I am not for certain that it is paranormal so I dismissed them.

But this morning I woke up to my sons motion sensing car (noise maker). (he was asleep next to me so he didnt do it.) I investigated to make sure it wasnt light sensitive hence the light coming through the window..Np!

I am thinking perhaps I "woke" something up with my simple recording? or maybe I am paying closer attn to the abnormal bumps etc? Have you ever heard of things starting up from a simple recording of EVP or trying to? Your help is appreciated.


My Answer

Recording evp can bring back some interesting things. When you do it in your home, however, it might record things you aren't really prepared to hear. It's your home and you might begin to feel a bit unnerved if your recording actually ended up having something on it.

But is evp dangerous to do in your own home?

It's not necessarily dangerous, but most paranormal investigators won't do it. They basically try to keep their home as a no ghost zone.

Your home is your sanctuary and you like to feel safe in it. If you start to do some real ghost hunting there, even if there isn't anything in your house, you may start to think there is, and that can be a bit unsettling. So, it's usually better to leave your home as off limits.

What you've done isn't a big deal though. Let's assume the car going off was indeed a ghost trying to re-establish the connection from the first recording evp you set up.

In this case the ghost was likely someone you know, perhaps a relative that has passed away, or the ghost has been in the house before. You opened the lines of communication and they answered you and that's about it.

Nothing bad has happened up to this point and there is no reason anything bad is going to start happening now. Most ghosts are fine to deal with and just want to get a message across if they can.

You can start a communication, sometimes rather easily, but in your case you can shut it down just as quickly. Just stop doing it and things should go back to normal.

Since setting up a recording evp in your house obviously bothers you, you would likely be much happier if you found a more neutral place for your next experiment.

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