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Am I Seeing Ghosts?

Am I seeing ghosts? I was looking out my window and saw a young child lying there. I walked away and went back nothing was there.

It's not the first time I've seen someone. I've seen a woman in my room and she has been face to face with me. What is there, it's very scary? thanks

The young child lying outside could be what we call a residual haunting. Basically it's like a recording being played over and over. The ghost isn't actually there, the scene is just being replayed from some time before and you are seeing it now.

The woman in your room could very well be a ghost in what we would consider an active haunting. There may be something she wants, perhaps to relay a message. Ghosts can get a bit anxious when we don't get what they want right away, which is why she is getting face to face with you. She may be doing this because she's trying to drive home what it is she wants. Unfortunately, when they do that, what happens is they mostly just scare people.

This is kind of a long shot but could it be possible that the woman and the child are somehow connected? It could be the woman is trying to get help for the younger one. They don't both have to be there at the same time, or you may not see them both at the same time, but it is possible the two are connected.

You could try to tell her that the child has gotten help, obviously she's not there anymore. The two may not be related at all, but it would be worth a try to see if things stop.

I know that seeing ghosts can be very scary but for the most part, ghosts don't harm people. They are here mostly just to finish something whether that is getting a message across to the living, finishing a task or completing something they have to do.


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