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Are Shadow Creatures a Different Entity?

Shadow creatures are similar to shadow people , they are dark forms that resemble shadows. I'm not sure if that necessarily means they are from the same kind of entity, though, they may be totally removed from shadow people in that regard.

Much like their counterparts they don't seem to have any visibly distinguishable facial features, though they have been described as having eyes and sometimes a mouth with fangs.

They are not very big usually no bigger than a small dog, and distinctively not humanoid. Even when arms with hands, and legs with feet, have been described, it's been stressed that they looked more like beasts than like little people.

These entities don't seem to give off the same aura of power as their dark cousins, at least they don't seem to invoke the same sense of fear, though that could be due to their smaller size. We're not as afraid of smaller things.

They are sometimes reported in little hordes of three or more. Though often one is spotted alone. Even when confronted singly they are scary to many folks as they give off an air of evil or at least one of extreme unease.

They are usually associated with some sort of calamity or mischief. It's difficult to tell if they cause all sorts of calamity to happen to a household or if they just like to be around it. They seem to feed off emotions while at the same time amplifying them. The longer they stay in a place the worse the feeling of bad luck or negativity seems to get.

Because the atmosphere of a place is negatively affected by these nasty critters they are obviously malevolent. Whether or not that makes them of demons, as I do not believe they are actual demons, probably closer to minions maybe a form of imp, is up for debate. Whatever realm they belong to you don't care to have them around.

So how do you get rid of shadow creatures?

Because they seem to thrive in a negative atmosphere, maybe are even drawn to it, you have to change that atmosphere.

That really isn't that difficult to do. Having a more positive attitude goes a long way to disrupting them.

Shadow creatures are drawn to negative emotions. They thrive on them, then amplify them, and those emotions in turn affect you. It becomes a circle that feeds itself. If you notice them, it is well worth the effort to change to a positive outlook and thereby sending them on their way.

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